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[134] Nothing Wrong With Dirty Knees [17 Jun 2009|11:05am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I prayed a lot yesterday. Not that I don’t pray a lot in general? But yesterday I prayed a lot, a lot. I prayed when I got up for strength. I prayed when they told me I needed blood work for courage. I prayed when I got home for guidance.

Well. That one was oddly funny, actually.

I wiped my tears and had barely sat up in bed when my bedroom door was promptly kicked in to reveal one Colleen Tuttle. Who wanted two water bottles and to know what was wrong and she pulled me off the bed into a hug I didn’t even know I needed. But I was sure glad to get it.

God is not going to walk into my room, poke me in the shoulder and tell me what I should do when I can’t decide for myself. However, it seems he doesn’t mind sending angels to do the dirty work. I don’t appreciate you enough, Leeny. You’re an amazing friend and sometimes you just show up right when I need you most. [Sometimes I don’t realize that I need you most and you still show up]

When I got home from the park with Colleen, I thanked God and I asked for words. Words I found. And then I asked for forgiveness and despite a very dark day there was light.

So as I go through my day today, I will ask for strength and I will ask for courage. I will ask for guidance, and clarity, and forgiveness, and love. I will ask for serenity. Everyone knows I need all of the above.

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[132] TYMH@THSMBP Oh Nine 2 Oh Ten [20 May 2009|07:41pm]
Starting things out right. Have a good season girls! I love you so much.

'I love you, but you can't have drill next to each other.' -Shannon

'Channel your cat!' -Lindsey

'I'm Abbey, I'll be a freshman, and I don't like Lindsey because...' -Abbey

'I'd do better if I wasn't so focused on hating this song.' -Jackie

'The tree hates you.' -Lindsey


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[125] with thr3e words, 'it's a girl!' & she looks just like you [28 Apr 2009|03:01pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Baby Addison Kelly Fraiser Has Arrived on Franklin.

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[101] oh EiGHT Season of TYMH@THSMB Practices [Updated] [12 Oct 2008|09:08pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Season's back, and so are the quotes and quirks of the THS Marching Band and Guard.

'Take it back because... this is America and I can do whatever I want.' - Mr. K

'Do it again because I want to do it in the rain this time.' -Mr. K

'A full company high step is funny. It's like when someone gets kicked in the crotch on AFV. You see it, and you laugh.' -Mr. K

'Dogs never do anything funny. Unless you put them in a woodchipper.' -Mr. K [This Year's Flaming Babies Joke?]

'If we're going to look stupid, we're going to look stupid on purpose.' -Mr. K

'Watch ourselves on video day.' -Mr. K

'I just ate five bowls of ceral! I can't march on five bowls!' -Shannon R.

'Who-ha's on the line.' -Shannon

'We should have T flags so we can go through red lights.' -Paige
     "Like a funeral!' -Megan

"And one, two, one two- Krispy Creams!' -Mr. K

*There's a car coming towards the band.*
     'This is going to be one of those... 'and they all died in a tragic marching band accident' stories isn't it?' -Megan

'Perry-iout! He'll just spin in a circle for one set.' -Mr. K

'Just do the splits.' -Mr. K

'You're the Pureto Rican Flag!' -Mr. K
 'Sweet! We're Mexican!' -Cassie

"I iz on ur field, stealing ur drillz spotz' -Paige

'I iz in ur bed, stealin ur snugglez.' -Em

'I is in ur bleachez, stealinz ur jacketz' -Paige

'This is my son's favoirte song because he's half gay like my husband' -Shannon

'You can't beat up sunshine.' -Paige

'Pet peeve #149.'  -Frank

'I liked your use of bam.' -Lindsey

'It all comes down to boobs.' -Paige/Lindsey

'Our curves match!' -Em

'L *gasp* Like Lindsey!' -Lindsey

'I only want to hear staff talking!.... and my daughter crying!' -Frank

'Climb through your legs tag.' -Mr. K

'The weather broke because I made it happen.' -Lindsey

'That's my puppy dog.' -Mark

'What if i don't gak it?' -Mark
     'You're fired.' -Shannon

'This is a Canadian football field. We have two 50's.' -Frank

'My stipper name is Fast Bubbles.' -Mr. K

'No one is super manning these hoes.' -Shannon

'Triple forte on the feet.' -Frank

'Time of fail- 7:36.' -Paige 

'You're in the 'hi mom!' spot.' -Frank

'Last page of 'I want to live in Africa.'' -Shannon

CMU Segment

'Visual explosion.' -Jeremie

'They're coming for us.' -Cullen

'I don't want to see your Buddah.' -Cullen

'You're a beautiful man.' -Dave

'Your line. Not straight.' -Jeremie

'I'm weird enough for all of us.' -John

'Partied to soon!' -Jeremie

'Moose!' -Rebecca

'Can we call you bootsie?' -Jeremie

'Small steps!' *Angry face* -Amy

'Whisper whispers.' -Tina
     'True story.' -Whisper

'You found cough drops!' -Em
     'And they taste like love!' -Josiah

'I'm a masochist.' -John

'Hello and count.' -John

'We're gonna go do it.' -Em
     'On the tree.' -Courtney

'How do you compensate for wind?' -John
     'Awesomeness.' -Courtney and Em

'We're supposed to do it at ten.' -Courtney

'Oh my Buddah.' -Katie

'I have green shorts and red undies. Christmas is in my pants.' -Courtney

'Clarinets sit here. They're the only ones that get my jokes.' -Mr. K

"I want to blow a whistle and the whole band has a seziure.' -Lindsey

'I have male hormones in my chin.' -Tricia

'Gangsters don't do PK turns!' -Paige
     'Mine do.' -Shannon

'White girl hip-hop.' -Shannon

'Does my face hurt? Cuz it's killing me.' -Megan L.

'Trusting-worthy' -Tricia
     'Oh, Trenton-English.' -Shannon 

'Walk like I just punched you in the gut.' -Lindsey.

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