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*One Side at a Time~

Like facets of a Crystal

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It's Still My World

Hello Loves ♥
New Lj nyeh?
New Lj Because???

Well, ya see i got sick of my old one.. I needed a new start. I will add everyone again if you comment on my friends only post. (which i will eventually post)

Facets of a Girl

crescent_bunny Serena in eternalmoon_rpg
real_sugarbaby Rini in eternalmoon_rpg
famous_endings Yumi in danger_within
xmini_samuraix Hiroki in danger_within
neo_crystal Serena in ramesaschool
sorta_famous My 'and stuff' art and writing journal.
canned_drabbles My dabbles journal with Katie <3~
creativitymasks Writing Comm with Jeni

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